Windy Dillon Beach Elopement in Tomales, CA

What a day Victoria and Ary had!! These two live in SoCal and really wanted a coastal setting for their summer elopement; they scoured home rentals up and down the coast, and found the perfect one above Dillon in Tomales. They brought along their immediate family members to spend their elopement with, and relax there together for a week. Their rental was on the cliffs over the ocean, had TWO massive decks, a hot tub, AND a home movie theater. Does it get any better?! Even though this day was windy as hell, their Dillon Beach elopement was absolutely perfect.

Speaking of wind, I told them I may be cursed in this area. You might remember Jill and Shay’s elopement I photographed last month in Big Sur in windy conditions, but this was an entirely other level. I literally did not think a windier day could exist than the one in Big Sur.

I was wrong. 🤣

Victoria and Ary had planned to have their ceremony and first dances on the cliffs overlooking the ocean, but the morning of their elopement, they made a last-minute decision to move everything inside, for fear their altar (and almost themselves) would blow away. Thankfully their rental (and small guest list) was perfect to accommodate this! I loved the way the wall of angled windows, white walls, and wood floors and ceiling all complemented each other and allowed the beauty of their ceremony to shine through even though it wasn’t their first choice.

One thing I really loved about their ceremony was the way they both talked about safety in their vows. How much they feel safe with one another. I thought about their word choice a lot all day, and well after their elopement. They didn’t say that they felt free to be themselves (although that’s implied); they felt safe and secure with each other. I found myself asking, “What does it mean to be truly safe with another human being? What has to take place between two people to reach that threshold?” It was so incredibly clear to me (and I’m sure their family as well) that these two are the human manifestation of unconditional love, and I loved it. The other thing I really loved was the letters they wrote to each other, separate from their vows. They plan on opening and reading them to each other on their five year anniversary! I’ve heard of this being done on the first wedding anniversary, but loved that they bumped it to five. I think it will be even more meaningful after that extra time has passed!

After their ceremony and first dances (not only with each other, but each parent and sibling got in on the action which was so fun!), we wandered out to Elephant Rock for their portraits. Our original plan was to include the actual beach as well, but given how strong the winds were, we agreed to skip it in hopes that the wind would be slightly less intense farther inland.

We were wrong. 😂

They were absolute troopers though, and toughed it out through the wind. I always recommend to my clients that they wear clothes that catch the wind; it’s also said in the industry that a great elopement dress is one that the wind will make its plaything. And I can definitively say that was the case here. I hope you enjoy looking through this Dillon Beach elopement as much as I did photographing it!

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