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you deserve to have  
that truly feel like you. 

you deserve to have  
that truly feel like you. 

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at the core of it, a wedding is about two people committing to spend their lives together in love.

it's not about the napkin colors. it's not about agonizing over whether you should invite aunt carol.

I'm here to capture that and immortalize it forever and ever.

and the crazy, passionate, one-of-a-kind love you share.

it's about you and your boo

its about you and your boo

I'm an elopement + wedding photographer based in Northern California with a borderline-obsession of taking candid and authentic images of couples who are crazy in love with each other. 

hey there!

I'm an elopement + wedding (+ engagement + anniversary + insert-reason-here-for-couples) photographer based in Santa Rosa, Northern California with a borderline-obsession of taking candid and authentic images of couples who are crazy in love with each other.

Want to get to know me better?

I gotchu.

my name's Megan & I'm your new sidekick who happens to have a camera in hand.

hey there!

I invest my time and energy wholeheartedly into my couples so after it's all said and done, I don't feel like just a photographer or vendor you hired.                                                   

 A friend who will go out for drinks to celebrate with you, who will reassure you that yes you look FAB, who will make sure there is not a hair tie or stray hair in sight.

 I feel like a friend.

aka the good stuff

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 deserves to be celebrated.

 deserves to be celebrated.

Whether you've been together for 6 months or 10 years, it's a remarkable thing to find someone to walk through life with who so perfectly complements you. You don't need to be engaged or married or together for 50 years to have an excuse for taking beautiful pictures together. To be honest I don't think you need an excuse at all!

love at any stage



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"I was amazed that I could see the chemistry I feel for my boyfriend.

My boyfriend and I were so surprised by how easy the whole thing was, and the way Megan set up the shots felt completely natural. These stunning photos made me reminisce on all of the love, challenges, and growth that we have experienced throughout our relationship."

- Murilla + David

here's the thing.

I hate being posed that chin-here-look-that-direction-arm-down way so I'll never do the same with you. I want to capture you exactly the way you and your babe naturally interact because you definitely don't need my help loving on each other and having a good time together!

What I LOVE is capturing those side glances at each other, fingers intertwined, face-scrunched-up-belly-laughing moments. That's what I'm best at, and those are the moments you're gonna want to look back on in 5, 10, and 20 years. You're not gonna remember what jokes we told, or the silly things I asked you to do (well, maybe you will!), or even if you were mad at each other two days ago, but what you WILL remember is the amazing season of life you're in loving each other. 

can I be real with ya?

I am not about posing you perfectly.

My goal is to get to know you as a couple well enough that I can showcase your personalities and love for each other exactly the way they are in person; so that when you see your pictures for the first time, you'll say, "Oh my gosh, that is SO us!" 

wondering what the heck the process of booking me looks like or just need some more details first? 

right this way

right this way

"Wow! That’s all I can say about our experience with Meg.

Meg really knew how to lighten the mood and help us feel comfortable with being close and intimate in front of a bunch of strangers. From first communication to the handover of the photos, we were incredibly impressed with her work."

- Kasie + Jacob