California Coast Couples Session // Dillon Beach, CA // Couples Photographer

This session was so dang fun! Murilla and I went to high school together (and played frosh volleyball too!), and I don’t think we’d seen each other since then, almost 10 years ago — so it was super awesome to reconnect and take photos of her and her boyfriend David! Coincidentally this was right around their 4th anniversary so it was perfect timing for a couples session. While we were coordinating, Murilla told me they’d love to have their session out on the coast, the beach specifically since they both loved spending time near the ocean! We met up at Dillon Beach in Tomales, and, well, I think the photos speak for themselves — we had such a good night!

Check out what Murilla had to say about their session! 🙂

Megan was super friendly, helpful, and down to earth. She gave us ideas on how we should dress before the shoot so that we knew what to bring. I was able to pick a location that was meaningful to my boyfriend and me and we met there just before sunset. My boyfriend and I were so surprised by how easy the whole thing was, and the way Megan set up the shots felt completely natural. 

Originally, I had thought it would be something along the lines of pose #1, 2, 3 which could have been awkward. Instead, Megan gave us suggestions of ways to interact with each other; for example, during the shoot, we danced, we ran down sand dunes, we walked along the water and we played tag…just to name a few. Megan reminded me that her intent was simply to take pictures of us just being us. In retrospect, that makes perfect sense. When we received our gallery, I was amazed that I could see the chemistry I feel for my boyfriend.

These stunning photos made me reminisce on all of the love, challenges, and growth that we have experienced throughout our relationship. Megan is incredibly talented and you won’t go wrong with choosing her as your photographer.

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