5 Perfect Women’s Outfit Items for Your Fall Engagement Session

If you’re planning any kind of a couples session (engagement, anniversary, just-because), one of the things that’s sure to be on your mind is what to wear! You might be surprised to hear it, but outfit items for your fall session play a huge role in how the photos turn out. In this post I’m going to share my five clothing item recommendations for you to wear to your next session!

A couple walk arm in arm down a beach alone. If you're stuck wondering what to wear to your fall photo shoot, this guide has my five fave outfit items for your session!

The most important thing to understand when it comes to dressing for your sessions is that you need to be comfortable. Comfort is QUEEN. If you aren’t comfortable in your outfit, I guarantee that it will show in your photos. You need to be able to move comfortably (especially if you hire me as your photog, I am not above making you run during our session for epic photos 🙃), and not only that, you need to feel confident! If you’re uncomfortable, you’re likely going to feel insecure about how you look — which will likely transmit into your photos by the way you stumble in your heels, or fidget with your top. So because of that, all of these recommendations take comfort into account! And FYI, everything is linked through the images!

There is nothing that says autumn more than a sweater dress. And in a gorgeous mustard color that matches the changing leaves?? Brb while I add this to my cart in five colors.

Along the same line as sweater dresses, you’ll always get a vote from me on oversized chunky sweaters. Be careful about bright colors here — you want to stick to a neutral palette. Burgundy, olive, cream, etc etc. Stripes can be so fun, but be wary of the line they might cross when it becomes distracting from who’s wearing them! 😊

Hats are always — ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS — going to be my favorite accessory. Last year my mother-in-law commented on one of my posts and said “I wish hats would make a comeback!” and I am SO thrilled that they totally are!! I have two hats that are similar to this (in black and in camel) and I get compliments on them every time I wear them, WITHOUT FAIL. So clearly the people love hats.

If you’re not feeling chunky sweaters but want to do something different than jeans, I highly recommend wearing a long sleeve dress. You can pair it with leggings or lacy patterned tights and dress it up or down as much as you want! I’m also a bit biased, I just recently bought this dress and I LOVE it.

Last but not least: shoes. My favorite thing about fall is getting to wear all of my pretty boots. Here are a couple of my faves that would look great in your next session, with any of the items I’ve already linked!

One last bonus item! Boot toppers. These are my second favorite fall accessory and I think it just brings that next level of coziness to your look! I actually used to make these myself for the hand knit Etsy shop I ran back in the day — and now that I’m thinking about it now, realize I should totally make some more for this fall season. They’re so cute!

A couple embraces in the woods with a speckling of light surrounding them. If you're stuck wondering what to wear to your fall photo shoot, this guide has my five fave outfit items for your session!

So there you have it friends, my favorite fall outfit items for your session! Undoubtedly you are going to look FABULOUS! And if you’re thinking “dang Meg I want photos of me and my babe that look this great” — you can reach out to me here and we’ll set up your own autumn photoshoot!

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