Why I Switched from Honeybook to Dubsado

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re probably running part of your business on a Client Relationship Management (CRM) system. And if you’re not, I hope this post is the catalyst for you to take the plunge and invest in one! If you’re not familiar, these are the platforms that run and house basically all of your admin tasks for your business: contracts, emails, invoices, forms (proposals, questionnaires, etc), calendar/scheduling, and income tracking.

You’ve probably heard of Honeybook and Dubsado users duking it out and lobbying for which platform is better — having used each for a year, I can confidently say that they are both incredible companies and software! However, ultimately there were a couple big things I felt were missing from Honeybook that fueled my desire to look for another software. I got on a demo call with Dubsado and I was immediately hooked! I love it so much that I’ll likely never leave them.

So if you’re curious about why I decided to switch from Honeybook to Dubsado, here are my top 3 reasons: 👇🏻

A woman lounges on a daybed while working on a laptop.Head to this post for the top 3 reasons to switch from Honeybook to Dubsado.

1. customization

I was absolutely blown awaayyyy by how customizable everything in Dubs is during the demo call I mentioned. Want to have one workflow TRIGGER ANOTHER workflow in a project? DONE. Want to create insanely beautiful proposals? You got it. Want to schedule your email to go out at a certain time, or set an expiration for an appointment, or modify the system colors to match your brand? Check, check, check.

2. workflows

Speaking of triggering workflows, these just reach like Inception level craziness. In Dubsado, you can pause, restart, and trigger another workflow AUTOMATICALLY, not to mention each action in a workflow is highly customizable. Want to send out a contract 2 days from now but ONLY IF a client has paid the retainer? Presto. Want to send an email two weeks before your session and have a form attached for them to fill out, without you lifting a finger? Easy. I could go on, but instead of typing it all out, I have a screen recording linked here for you to watch for an inside view at these workflows! (apologies for the weird cropping and all the strange white space — I’m not sure how to fix those!)

3. client portal

This was on my radar when I switched from HB, but I didn’t realize just how valuable it was until I after I switched to Dubs and became a bride and client myself and was experiencing other CRMs from that side of things! I won’t name names here but a *certain* other CRM just did not have a stellar client side. It was frustrating to access and nothing was all in one place. Dubdaso is the opposite of that. Your clients can find ALL of your emails, forms, invoices, and contract all in one place! They have their own little corner of the web and I love how convenient that is for them. Their portal is even password protected so no one else can access it.

A woman scrolls through a calendar on her phone while sitting in bed. Head to this post for the top 3 reasons to switch from Honeybook to Dubsado.

I hope those things were helpful in explaining why I switched from Honeybook to Dubsado!

If you’re thinking to yourself that 1) you either need to get on the CRM train to scale your business and automate everything with magic, or 2) switch to Dubsado from another platform, I got the hookup! Use my referral code for THIRTY PERCENT off both monthly and yearly subscriptions! That’s an extra 10% off from usual referral links since I’m a Certified Specialist. 😉 (if you lose this link, my code is “megcooperphoto”) Do you have any questions about what transferring CRMs was like? Hit me! 👇🏻

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