Summer Santa Rosa Wedding | Oakmont Golf Course | Emma + Taylor

October 10, 2019

A bride and groom laugh and look at each other during their first dance. Check out this post for more photos from Emma + Taylor's summer Santa Rosa wedding!
shot with ES Photography

Emma and Taylor’s wedding was on a hot summer day but under these beautiful trees in Santa Rosa, it was absolutely perfect.

There was one thing that their officiant said during the ceremony that really stuck out to me:⁣ “There will be lots of mundane moments in life; what matters is how you travel through them with each other.”⁣

I’ve been loving this season of being engaged and photographing all kinds of different weddings — it really has brought into sharp relief the commitment my fiancé and I are making to each other, and the commitment we already have made to each other by being together the last few years. But this remark especially hit home to me, because now that we’re engaged, we’re facing down decades of times together, and maybe only 5-10% of those days are going to be absolutely spectacular. 90% of our lives are likely going to be mundane, daily, run-of-the-mill moments. But as long as we choose to keep falling in love with each other, and choose to enjoy all those moments together, it won’t matter at all. And isn’t that the best part? 😊

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