Sonoma Coast Couples Session // Bodega Bay, CA // Couples Photographer

A landscape of rock and wildflowers in vegetation on the Sonoma Coast in Bodega Bay

Last April (2018) Melinda and Shawn and I went adventuring out to the Sonoma Coast for a couples session in Bodega Bay! It was super windy and cold but these guys handled it like champs! And can we talk about the glory that is the wind-in-hair magic happening?! Most people want to avoid any harsh elements, but ya’ll — I pray for wind like this before every session. It’s the freaking best.

Melinda and I go waayyyy back so this session was an extra blast to do! Back when I was a baby entry-level team member at Jamba Juice in 2012, Melinda was my store manager and she and I worked up the ranks together over the years (her to regional manager and then district manager; me to assistant store manager under her and then store manager) and worked closely together until I left the company at the end of 2017. It was such an honor to have her as a mentor during those years and a blessing to become such great friends along the way!

And thennnn, even more exciting — these two just had a baby in May!! So freaking amazing and wild! At their baby shower, guests could guess the date the baby would arrive and my guess was ONE day off!! So that was pretty cool. He was also born two days after I proposed to George, so it was a super exciting weekend!

Alright, without further ado — please enjoy this sunset couples session we did on the gorgeous Sonoma coast. The night of this session I sent Melinda a handful of images and she immediately texted back, “OMG you captured our essence!!!” which is the dang BEST compliment a photog can get! And if you’re wanting photos just like this — you know where to call me about it. 😉

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